Lesson Plans about Atheism for Teachers and Parents

Atheist Ireland has published a set of free lesson plans about atheism for children aged 8 and up. We welcome feedback, which we will use to develop the lessons. You can download the lesson plans here

This is part of a package of resources for children. You can also buy the children’s book Is My Family Odd About Gods? on the Atheist Ireland website.

Schools and teachers can use the lesson plans during the school year, at whatever class level you feel is best. Parents can also use the lesson plans. You can discuss them one-to-one with your child, or let your child use them at school if you have opted them out of religion class. You will have to print out some pages to do the exercises and games.


Please remember that we do not want children to believe anything in these lessons, or in the book, simply because we say so. Like anybody else, we might be mistaken about some things. Instead, we want children to use the lessons and the book to start off their own personal investigations into the topics we cover.

You can download the lesson plans here

You can buy the accompanying book “Is my family odd about gods” here