Prof Gerry Whyte – Religion and Education – the Irish Constitution

Prof Gerry Whyte – Religion and Education – the Irish Constitution

“The Constitution addresses the issue of education in two different Articles – Article 42 dealing with education generally and Article 44 dealing with religion. This arrangement is not without significance for the former Article is largely informed by Roman Catholic social teaching while the ideological ancestry of Article 44 lies in nineteenth century liberalism. Thus constitutional policy on education straddles an ideological fault line in the Irish Constitution.

The conflict between these ideologies did not emerge for many years because of the dominant position of the Roman Catholic Church in Irish society.”

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    Korbyn February 28, 2016

    > Would we be replacing one tatilotarian system with another?I don’t think this fear is grounded.With secular education every parent is free to educate their own children in whatever religion they choose or, none at all. This education can happen at home or at weekends (Sunday school etc).However, once standard, compulsory education contains religious indoctrination parents cannot remove’ this indoctrination from the child after school. (Sunday de-programming school?).So, Secular Schooling removes the tatilotarian system and replaces it with choice.


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