The Irish Education System: A failure to protect human rights.

Freedom of religion in the Irish primary school system: a failure to protect human rights?

The above link is to a paper called ; Freedom of religion in the Irish primary school system: A failure to protect human rights?

The research is by Dr. Alison Mawhinney, Lecturer in Law, School of Law, Bangor University.

“In the Republic of Ireland nearly all primary schools are state-funded but the vast majority of these schools are owned and managed by religious bodies. There is no system of state run schools. This paper discusses the protection of freedom of religion within this unique system of schooling. In particular, it examines the notion of ‘the integrated curriculum’ whereby all schools in receipt of state funding are legally obliged to ensure that a religious spirit informs and vivifies the whole work of the school. The paper identifies the international human rights standards relevant to the teaching of religion in schools. Through empirical evidence based on interviews with parents, teachers and pupils, an assessment is made of how far Irish law and practice respect these standards. The outcome of this evaluation of the use of religious bodies in non-state service provision is discussed.”


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    john harmon July 09, 2013

    Brainwash your children to believe in there / Your imaginary friend

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    Ossie July 09, 2013

    Many parent take the easy option avoid conflict over baptism and communion ceremonies. Not the best idea , been there and done that believing that post primary would undo or at least limit the damage! On “applying”to enter 3rd year ie. Junior Cert. a major transitional market both child and adult were Required to sign up for attendance at religious service and retreat as a Compulsary requirement to completion of the curriculum. This shocks me to my core! Please coul others take up this cause as I am not in a position to do so, thanks.


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