National Parents Council to set up Non-Religious Special Interest Group

The National Parents Council Primary (NPC) is the representative organisation for parents of children in primary or early education. On 16th of May they are holding the inaugural meeting of the new Non-religious Special Interest Group.

This meeting is only open to one parent/guardian nominated by the Parents Association, please contact the Parents Association in your child’s school to ask if they are sending a representative to this meeting. It is important that the voice of non-religious parents is heard as it is our human rights that are denied in the education system.

If you wish to attend this meeting you must be:-

(a) A non-religious parent/guardian of a primary school child and
(b) in a school with a Parents Association that is a member of the NPC.

The NPC has a special Interest Group for Minority Religions (non-Roman Catholic). The NPC Minority Religion group represents the interests of Parents of children belonging to a religious minority and does not represent non-religious parents.

The United Nations have been raising concern about the human rights of secular parents and their children in the education system for many years so it is important that the NPC hear the voices of those parents that suffer discrimination and the abuse of their human rights in the education system. If you are a non-religious parent and have children attending a religious school please consider joining the Parents Association and seek nomination to the new non-religious Special Interest Group.


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    Anna May 12, 2015

    Where can I find more details (time,place)? I would like to volunteer if my daughter’s school is not sending a representative. Thanks!

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    Anna B McCabe. May 14, 2015

    As a retired teacher I am particularly pleased to hear that there is a new Non-religious Special Interest group being set up.
    It is long over due. The voices of secular parents must be heard. It is time to end the discrimination they have been suffering in the education system which is dominated by the Catholic Church. Time to introduce a secular education system in Ireland.

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    Larry Emmons May 14, 2015

    I am non-religious and have two grown sons. I am concerned about the promotion of religion and religious ideas in the public schools. However, I noticed that your message above is directed as follows: “If you are a non-religious parent and have children attending a religious school…” I do not understand. Why would a non-religious person put his/her child into a religious school? It seems reasonable to me that a religious school would promote their religious beliefs in their school. It therefore baffles me that nonreligious parents would enroll their children in a religious school. Please explain your thinking here.


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